Incaltaminte Trekking si Touring

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The Perfect Shoes for Bike Touring

Pantofi MTB, pantofi trekking si sandale pentru MTB

Pantofi speciali pentru turele de trekking si vacantele cu bicicleta

Daca ai nevoie de incaltaminte speciala pentru turele usoare cu MTB-ul, bicicleta de trekking sau vacante, sigur vei gasi ce-ti trebuie la noi. Incaltmintea trekking vine cu un sistem special prin care i se poate prinde pe talpa placuta ce se va clipsa de pedala. In plus, talpa este facuta in asa fel incat sa poti merge confortabil si sa nu aluneci cu ea. Felul cum arata si faptul ca este confortabila, face din aceasta incaltaminte pentru MTB alegerea perfecta pentru turele din placere. Sandalele MTB sunt deosebit de potrivite in zilele calduroase de vara.

Do you have questions about touring shoes?

What are the advantages of touring shoes?
  • For touring, you have got the choice between shoes with clipless pedal system and classic cycling shoes without clipless pedal system.
  • If you choose a shoe with clipless pedal system, we recommend shoes with 2-bolt standard. These can be combined with cleats and pedals with 2-bolt standard.
  • If you go for classic shoes without clipless pedal system, you should pay attention to a slip-resistant sole that offers a better grip on the flat pedal.
What kind of closures are there for touring shoes?
There are different closures for touring shoes. Here you can find shoes with classic lacing, Velcro or ratchet closure or dial system. However, you can also choose a combination of two systems, for example laces that are complemented by a Velcro fastener on the upper part of the shoe.
Do I need touring shoes?
  • Touring shoes are worth the investment if you ride longer tours in your leisure time or if you commute to work daily and you want to rely on your cycling shoes.
  • You should pay attention to the materials, as there are different shoes for summer and winter. You will find the right touring shoes for winter in our range.