• Which bike categories are available at ROSE?
    Which bike categories are available at ROSE?
    Cruising through the city on an e-bike, shredding daring trails on a mountain bike or flying down alpine passes on a light road bike in a rush of speed. The range of bikes is huge and we'll help you find the perfect bike and exciting deals. Use the bike category overview in the online shop for orientation or browse through the ROSE guides. There you can learn everything you need to know about the different ROSE bikes and bike categories, easily discover the differences, uses and advantages of the individual models.
  • Gravel bike
    Gravel bike
    The gravel bike knows no boundaries between the road and gravel track. It’s a road bike with mountain bike features for off-road riding. In contrast to road bikes, gravel bikes have profiled, wider tyres, powerful brakes and a gear ratio adapted to the terrain. The geometry is designed for long distances and the frame and fork offer many options for attaching bags for your next bikepacking adventure.
  • Road bike
    Road bike
    Road bikes are designed for fast and gliding rides on narrow, lightly-profiled tyres. Experience speed and performance in the most elegant and simple form. ROSE road bikes are built on slim, lightweight frames that can take you up the highest mountain passes. Take hold of the lower handlebars of the downward-curved, classic road bike handlebars and fly safely down breathtaking switchbacks at top speed in a flat, aerodynamic riding position.
  • Mountainbike
    The mountain bike is the perfect companion to discover new things off the beaten track. Whether as an agile bike for everyday rides, a robust partner for city and countryside or as sports equipment for touring and off-road action, the MTB guarantees lots of riding fun. Thanks to its robust construction, coarse tyre tread, powerful brakes and plenty of suspension, you can reach places that would otherwise be a challenge even on foot.
  • Hybrid bike
    Hybrid bike
    Hybrid, also known as “trekking” bikes were designed for high demands, which is why they can be used in many ways. Whether for commuting to work or for touring and travelling. A reinforced frame makes hybrid bikes particularly resilient. The bikes have tyres that are comparatively slim, which makes it possible to ride on both paved and unpaved roads.
  • Fitness bike
    Fitness bike
    A fitness bike combines the best of a sporty bike and a city cruiser. Frame and equipment are oriented towards those of road bikes or cyclocross bikes, while the geometry allows for a comfortable and rather upright riding position. The perfect companion for a training session or the ride to the supermarket.
  • Touring bike
    Touring bike
    ROSE travel bikes for those globetrotters with wanderlust. No other bike category has so much adventure in its DNA as this one. These bikes will take you everywhere – and beyond. They are reliable and robust, equipped with durable components and have extra load capacity for additional luggage. With the ROSE travel bikes you will always reach your destination.
  • Urban bike
    Urban bike
    Urban bikes, or city bikes, are, as the name suggests, specially designed for the demands of the big city bustle and score particularly well on short distances. But the city bike is also a good choice for cycling tours in the countryside. Easy-to-use gears increase safety, as do the smooth-running brakes on these bicycle models. After all, you have to be able to react quickly when riding through city traffic.
  • Sale
    In the sale section we offer bikes from all ROSE categories at a reduced price. These bikes were once exhibition bikes or, for example, on the road at a trade fair. As they are used, some of the bikes on sale show some signs of wear. If you would like to buy a discounted, 100% functional bike, just browse our sale category.