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The Perfect Road Bike Shoes

Pantofi sosea: Fii pregatit pentru concurs, din cap pana la picioare

Pantofi de sosea de competitie, atat pentru barbati cat si pentru femei

Pantofii de sosea ofera cel mai bun transfer al puterii catre pedale, datorita talpii extrem de rigide. Ei se muleaza perfect pe picior si au sistem de inchidere diferit, velcro, cu clichet sau cu rotita, inchidere ce permite si o ajustare lejera in timpul mersului. Acesti pantofi se remarca printr-o greutate redusa si stabilitatea in pedale. Talpa este de cele mai multe ori construita din plastic dur sau carbon, cu mici inserctii de cauciuc pentru a putea merge fara sa aluneci. Prezinta un sistem de clipsare pe talpa, asa ca se vor potrivi perfect pedalelor de tipul acesta.

Do you have questions about road shoes?

What is the right clipless pedal system for road cycling?
  • Classic systems for road bikes are: Shimano SPD-SL, Look Delta and Keo.
  • Shoes with three holes arranged in a triangle are best for road cycling. This allows you to firmly connect your shoe to the matching pedal.
What are the advantages of road shoes?
  • The right road shoe should fit perfectly to support your foot even on long rides.
  • Road shoes help you improve your cycling performance (through better power transfer when pulling the pedals up and pushing them down).
Which cycling shoes should I use for triathlon?
If you are a triathlete, it is best to choose cycling shoes with three holes arranged in a triangle (classic road shoes). In addition, there are special triathlon shoes that allow for easy on and off, thanks to their wide opening. Click here to go directly to the category.
What should I pay attention to before my first ride?
  • If you are using special cycling shoes with a clipless pedal system for the first time, you should first practice clipping in and out.
  • The best way to do this is to hold on to the door frame or a wall and practice clipping out.
What kind of closures are there for road shoes?
There are various cycling shoe closures available in different price ranges:
  • Velcro closure
  • Ratchet closure
  • Dial system, e.g. BOA (A fine steel wire is rolled up on a dial to tighten the shoe evenly).
  • You can also choose a combination of two systems, for example a Velcro and a ratchet closure.