Incaltaminte Pedale Platforma

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Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes

Pedale platforma/pantofi Dirt: pantofi de ciclism pentru dirt si freestyle

Incaltamintea pentru bicicleta pentru sporturile montane, stabila si sigura in orice conditii

Pedalele platforma si incaltamintea de dirt sunt caracterizate prin faptul ca nu se prind de pedale. In locul acestui lucru, au o talpa solida din cauciuc, care asigura aderenta pe sol dar si atunci cand pedalezi. Incaltamintea MTB combina stilul casual cu siguranta necesara in ciclism.

Do you have questions flat pedal shoes?

What are the advantages of flat pedal shoes?
  • With their anti-slip sole, they provide optimal grip on the platform pedal. Steel pins on the pedal can further enhance this effect.
  • With flat pedal shoes, you can ride any bike with classic flat pedals.
  • During high jumps or on adventurous trails, you can get off the bike quickly.
What should I pay attention to when buying flat pedal shoes?
  • If you want to ride your bike through the forest, you should make sure the shoes are made of a robust material that cannot be damaged by a protruding branch, for example.
  • You should be able to tighten the shoe firmly to your foot to ensure optimal heel hold.