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Stan´s NoTubes Race Sealant

To make sure your tubeless tyres won’t run out of air during races or tours, Stan´s NoTubes Race Sealant quickly and reliably seals even larger punctu...

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Schwalbe Tubeless Easy Kit

You need a special conversion kit to be able to use your existing tubeless ready wheels with tubeless tyres. The Schwalbe Tubeless Easy Kit is a thou...

RRP 64,90 EUR 37,90 EUR

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Schwalbe Airmax Pro digital air pressure gauge

The Schwalbe Airmax Pro air pressure gauge is indispensable for many tyres, because the classic testing by thumb is not possible due to high puncture...

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RRP 16,90 EUR 9,95 EUR

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Schwalbe tubeless valve 40mm PV

The Schwalbe Tubeless valves are compatible with a multitude of rims, thanks to their conical valve foot. The black-anodized thread shaft looks discre...

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RRP 21,90 EUR 14,95 EUR

DT Swiss MTB 32 mm tubeless valve

The combination of DT Swiss Tubeless-Ready tape, TLR tyres, sealant and valve creates an airtight seal for the use of tubeless systems. · 32 mm (Pres...

7,90 EUR

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Schwalbe replacement spikes

· suitable for all Schwalbe spike tyres · core of hard metal · 50 spikes · incl. mounting/dismounting tool

RRP 13,90 EUR 8,95 EUR

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Topeak SmartGauge D2 digital pressure gauge

The digital precision gauge SmartGauge D2 by Topeak serves to control tyre, fork and rear shock pressure. With it, you can check the pressure up to 17...

RRP 29,95 EUR 24,95 EUR

MaXalami MaXi repair set for tubeless tyres

Being fast despite a puncture – MaXalami makes it possible. You can repair a hole in a tubeless tyre within seconds, even without removing the wheel....

RRP 17,40 EUR 13,90 EUR

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Stan´s Stan's NoTubes tyre sealant

Sealant with latex for tubeless tyre systems and preventive puncture protection for tube systems. · acts depending on the climate conditions for 2-7...

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DT Swiss MTB/Road Tubeless Valve

The combination of DT Swiss Tubeless Ready Tape, TLR tyres, sealing milk and this valve creates an airtight connection that allows the use of a tubele...

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MaXalami BASIC TUBE repair set for tubeless tyres

MaXalami makes for safe riding. And it becomes even easier now thanks to a practical tube, in which plugs and insertion tool can be carried along. You...

RRP 12,90 EUR 9,95 EUR

Milkit Compact Tubeless valve and refill system

The Tubeless valve and refill kit by milKit makes tubeless tyre filling, checking and changing a mess-free doddle. Install tubeless tyres easily and w...

RRP 55,95 EUR de la43,95 EUR

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Schwalbe Doc Blue Professional tyre sealant

Schwalbe's Doc Blue Professional is a tyre sealant containing latex. It can be used as a puncture protection preventive for tubeless, tubed and tubula...

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Stan´s Stan's NoTubes Universal Presta valves

Required for an airtight seal at the valve opening, when a standard road rim with NoTubes rim tape is to be prepared for use with tubeless tyres. · f...

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Stan´s NoTubes Tubeless Bundle Kit rim tape, tyre sealatn and 35mm valve

This kit offers everything you need to convert your Stan's NoTubes rim (tubeless ready) to a tubeless system. The set consisting of rim tape, tyre sea...

RRP 36,95 EUR de la25,90 EUR

Continental RevoSealant sealant

The Continental RevoSealant can be used for Tubeless Ready systems, as well as to prevent punctures in inner tubes. Small punctures or cuts can be rel...

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Schwalbe Easy Fit mounting fluid

The tyre slides easier into the right position after lubricating the tyre beads. · Suitable for clincher and foldable tyres · Not suitable for tubular...

RRP 6,90 EUR 3,95 EUR Pret de baza: 7,90 EUR / 100ml

Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle tubeless sealant

Muc-Off’s No Puncture Hassle tubeless sealant does exactly what it needs to do to make sure you won’t run out of air on the go. It seals tears and hol...

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Stan´s Stan's NoTubes filling syringe

A clean and easy solution to fill a tubeless tyre system or a tube via a valve with sealing liquid. · screw adapter suitable for Schrader and Presta...

RRP 12,95 EUR 8,95 EUR

Finish Line Tubeless tyre sealant

The latex-free Tubeless tyre sealant by Finish Line promises protection from punctures of up to 6 millimetres. As the non-toxic sealant does not rely...

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