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Bicycle tyres and inner tubes

Tyres, inner tubes and rim tapes for road bikes, MTBs, touring bikes and more

This is where you will find a wide range of bicycle tyres and innertubes. Both bicycle tyres, as well as innertubes should be chosen depending on the application. Attention should especially be paid to size, width and weight. We offer a wide range for each wheel, whether for touring bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes or triathlon bikes.

Generally narrower tyres have the advantage of offering lower weight, but they need to be inflated even harder to avoid going flat. Wider tyres have more traction and provide greater comfort. Smooth tyres ("slicks") roll better on the road, whereas tyres with a profile offer more traction on terrain. Integrated puncture protection can make cycling a less annoying experience.

Besides the classic "clinchers", which hold the tyre and inner tube on the rim through pressure, we also stock "tubulars", where the tyre is glued to the rim and tubeless tyres which don't have any inner tube at all.

In the accessories section you will find the right tubeless kits, as well as valves, patches and puncture sprays.