Which bike categories are available at ROSE?

At ROSE Bikes, we offer you a wide range of bikes tailored to different needs and riding styles. To help you find the perfect bike for your requirements, we briefly present the different bike categories. This will give you a quick insight into which bike suits you best – from the versatile gravel bike and the fast road bike to the robust mountain bike, the comfortable urban & hybrid bike. If you're looking for a bargain, take a look at our sale bikes section to discover high-quality models at attractive prices. Start your next adventure now and experience quality, innovation and passion on two wheels.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are the all-rounders among bicycles. They combine the speed of a road bike with the off-road capability of a mountain bike and are ideal for different surfaces – whether tarmac, gravel or forestry tracks.

  • Adventure gravel bikes are also suitable for rough terrain and do not shy away from long bikepacking tours or cycle holidays.
  • With the Everyday Gravel Bikes, you can enjoy comfort and reliability in everyday life – both on and off the road.
  • Race gravel bikes are designed for speed and performance, perfect for training and racing on mixed terrain.

Road bikes

Road bikes from ROSE Bikes are designed for top performance and speed on the road. They are characterised in particular by their low weight, aerodynamic designs and performance-oriented geometries.

  • Race road bikes are designed for maximum speed and aerodynamics, ideal for competitions and fast rides on tarmac roads.
  • Endurance road bikes offer additional comfort for long tours and also cope well with poorer road conditions.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes from ROSE Bikes are optimised for off-road use and therefore have suspension forks and robust, sometimes full-suspension frames. As a result, they offer excellent control and stability on demanding trails.

  • Cross-country MTBs are lightweight and efficient, ideal for fast training rides and competitions in less extreme conditions.
  • With the Trail MTBs, you can enjoy optimum control and comfort even on challenging single trails and fast, technical descents in the mountains.
  • Downhill MTBs are designed for extreme descents, downhill races and use in bike parks, with maximum stability and suspension.
  • Dirt MTBs are lightweight, robust and manoeuvrable, perfect for tricks and jumps on dirt tracks or competition disciplines such as four cross, slopestyle and pump track.

Urban & Hybrid Bikes

The Urban & Hybrid category at ROSE Bikes includes bikes that are designed for daily use and/or long tours. These bikes combine comfort, reliability and practical features suitable for everyday use.

  • Urban bikes are ideal for city traffic: fast and manoeuvrable, easy to handle and with a balanced, comfort-oriented geometry.
  • Hybrid bikes are perfect for long tours or cycling holidays, with a stable construction and comfortable riding position for long days in the saddle.


At ROSE Bikes you will regularly find attractive offers in the Sale Bikes category. You’ll find high-quality bikes at reduced prices, mostly exhibition and trade fair bikes or customer returns. All sale bikes are technically flawless, but some show slight signs of use, which are listed in the description. If you would like to buy a discounted, 100% functional bike, just browse our sale category.