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    SQlab 611 Ergowave CrMo MTB saddle

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    SQlab 611 Ergowave CrMo MTB saddle 12cm

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    SQlab 611 Ergowave CrMo mountain bike saddle with a raised rear and a wave-like shape for a sporty riding position on your MTB.

    The 611 Ergowave CrMo saddle is especially designed for off-road use and to meet the requirements of all-mountain and enduro cyclists. Thanks to its wave-like shape and a raised rear part, the saddle offers a perfect hold and best pressure distribution. The wave-like shape of the saddle perfectly adapts to the ischium so that you do not have to get into an exhausting protective position. This significantly improves power transfer to the pedals. In combination with a recess in the centre of the saddle, a lower nose offers more space for the perineal area. For even better pressure relief, e.g. on long climbs in hilly terrain, the saddle nose of the 611 Ergowave is approx. 4 mm wider compared to the 612 Ergowave. The padding is especially designed for MTBs and offers even better shock absorption in rough terrain compared to 612 Ergowave models. By using chrome-molybdenum rails and eliminating the SQlab active technology, the 611 Ergowave CrMo continues the SQlab ERGOWAVE® success story and especially stands out for an excellent value for money.

    · Intended use: MTB Tech & Trail
    · Weight: approx. 237 g (12 cm)
    · Length: 280 mm
    · Hardness in SQ-Shore: 55
    · Relief in perineal area: 68%
    · Rails: chrome-molybdenum
    · Padding: Light PU*
    · Cover: C84*
    · Max. load: 90 kg

    Manufacturer's ref. width: 12 (2046), 13 (2047), 14 (2048) or 15 cm (2049)

    *C84 is a synthetic fibre cover – abrasion-proof, light, skin-friendly, breathable and robust

    *Compared to Superlight Foam, Light PU is a slightly heavier PU foam variant that is foamed in accordance with SQlab Shore directives. It guarantees shape retention and excellent shock absorption.


    4260086856489 (black 12cm)
    4260086856496 (black 13cm)
    4260086856502 (black 14cm)
    4260086856519 (black 15cm)
    2046 (black 12cm)
    2047 (black 13cm)
    2048 (black 14cm)
    2049 (black 15cm)
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    No (black 13cm, black 14cm, black 15cm)

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    SQlab 611 Ergowave CrMo MTB saddle

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