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Urban Lifestyle Trousers – Cycling Jeans and Chinosfor Sport and Leisure

Those who cover a considerable distance by bike every day to get to work or to meet friends often do not want to wear close-fitting cycling tights with a chamois pad. It would simply take too much time to get changed once they get to their destination. Carrying spare clothes would be an additional burden. The practical urban trousers you can find at ROSE Bikes represent an excellent alternative for all commuters and all other frequent riders!

You can choose from a wide range of high-quality cycling jeans. They come with a cycling specific fit and features, even though they can hardly be distinguished from standard trousers optically. Cycling jeans and shorts from the popular manufacturer Alberto for instance come with offset back pockets to prevent chafing when sitting on the saddle. Moreover, the denim jeans feature anti-slip prints to keep the trousers in the right place. In general, cycling trousers and shorts are not made of cotton but a material mix that is even more breathable, guarantees high comfort and allows for unrestricted freedom of movement thanks to high elasticity. Thus, you can even spend many hours on the bike without a seat pad!

In addition, we offer a range of cycling chinos, cycling shorts and belts that are all specifically designed for cycling but can also be worn in everyday life thanks to an elegant look. Everyone who commutes to work by bike or regularly goes on a bike tour knows brands like CHROME, VAUDE and SHIMANO.

SIf you nevertheless don’t want to do without a seat pad, you can combine your casual pair of lifestyle trousers with padded liner pants. For high comfort on sporty saddles and over long distances! A special highlight in the ROSE range are the cycling underpants by FOR.BICY that allow you to remove or insert the seat pad in a few simple steps. An inside tip for all commuters! For the entire range of cycling underpants click here!

In our online shop, you can find a wide range of high-quality cycling jeans, cycling shorts and cycling chinos for women and men in all common sizes, price ranges and colours by renowned brands like Alberto, CHROME, VAUDE and many more. Shop the versatile urban trousers for city cycling, touring and commuting!