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The best MTB jerseys and bike shirts for the trail

You are speeding over roots and through puddles. Always following your instincts, like a globetrotter on your expedition off the beaten track. We have got exactly the right gear for your outdoor thrill. Whether you love downhill rides or just a short after-work spin off the road. In the ROSE online shop, you will find a large selection of women’s, kids’ and men’s MTB jerseys and downhill jerseys in varied colours from classic black to trendy colours of the season like blue and red of renowned brands such as FOX, iXS, O'NEAL, Zimtstern, Deputy Sheriff, Troy Lee Designs and more.

Tight-fitting cycling jersey or casual bike shirt?

Mountain biking is versatile. A casual after-work spin through the nearby forest, fast-paced MTB races or spectacular downhill competitions – you will find the ideal cycling jersey or MTB shirt for every intended use. There are two alternatives to choose from: technical, tight-fitting jerseys as used by road cyclists, or casual cycling shirts for even more freedom of movement. It depends on your preferences which jersey you choose for your purpose. Whether you prefer hitting the trail in a tight road jersey or a casual bike shirt is totally up to you.

MTB jerseys for summer

For riding in summer, your MTB jersey should be especially light, airy and breathable. You should thus pay attention to choosing a jersey made from moisture-wicking technical material. It will transfer excess moisture and heat to the outside fast so that it can evaporate. This will leave you feeling cool and dry. In addition, many shirts and jerseys feature mesh panels for summer temperatures. This will even further enhance breathability. In summer, you can either choose a long sleeve jersey to protect from UV rays or branches in your way, or a short sleeve jersey for sufficient breathability.

Downhill jerseys for adrenaline junkies

Special DH jerseys are designed for downhill and freeride use. As opposed to road jerseys, these long sleeve jerseys are made from particularly robust fabrics, to provide sufficient protection during crashes and from scratches. With their looser fit, they will also enable you to wear body armour underneath.

MTB jerseys for winter

If you don’t want to stop riding your mountain bike in winter, you will find a selection of MTB jerseys in our shop that are also suited for wearing on cold days. These winter jerseys are long sleeve jerseys with a warm fleece liner for thermal insulation and light wind-repellent features. This gives you a light protection from wind chill on your bike when riding in winter temperatures. If you wish even more warmth, you can combine your long sleeve bike shirt with a thermal base layer or a windproof winter jacket. Simply give winter the cold shoulder!

Helpful features of MTB jerseys and bike shirts

Here you will find some features that might be helpful to you:

Zip: Many MTB jerseys and bike shirts have a front zip. Whether short zip or full-length zip – a zipper not only facilitates getting the jersey on and off, yet also allows for light ventilation during the ride.

Pockets: Most MTB jerseys and bike shirts have pockets at the back that will allow you taking along your keys, bike park ticket or energy bars. Snug fitting jerseys as used for road cycling usually have three pockets at the back and one additional zippered side pocket. This gives you sufficient stowage for bars, gels, MP3 player etc. Casual cycling shirts also have a small zippered pocket to stow away keys or tickets.

Lens wipe: Many bike jerseys feature a lens wipe made from microfibre fabric, which is situated on the inner waistband. In this way, you can remove dirt and moisture from your goggles or sunglasses during a short stopover.

Longer back: The so-called “drop tail” is a special cut with an extended back. With this cut, the jersey or shirt covers your sensitive kidney area even in a bent over on-bike position. It also protects you from splashing water and cold. Tight-fitting jerseys often come with skid-proof silicone prints inside the back hem that stop the cycling jersey from riding up.

With these MTB jerseys, you will be perfectly equipped for your next adventure. Nothing can stop you now! Discover our cycle jerseys and shirts for your MTB tours! The ROSE online shop contains a large selection of women’s and men’s MTB jerseys and downhill jerseys in varied sizes and colours from classic black to trendy colours of the season like blue and red from popular brands such as FOX, iXS, O'NEAL, Zimtstern, Deputy Sheriff, Troy Lee Designs and more.

Do you have questions about MTB jerseys?

How should an MTB jersey fit?
Mountain bike jerseys are generally cut more casually than road bike jerseys. Depending on the area of use and weather conditions, MTB jerseys vary greatly in cut and design. Bike jerseys for athletic riders tend to be cut close to the body and are designed for high ventilation and excellent breathability. Mountain bike jerseys for Freeride, Downhill or Enduro, on the other hand, should offer enough space for back protectors and elbow pads.
What features should an MTB jersey have?
Zipper: Tight-fitting cycling jerseys in particular can be easily zipped up and this can help with regulating ventilation during the ride.
Pockets: Many jerseys have small pockets sewn in to hold keys, money or food.
Glass cleaning cloth: With the sewn-in microfibre cloth, you can quickly wipe coarse dirt from your cycling glasses.
Extended back: Protects the sensitive area around the kidneys even when bent forward while riding.