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Cycling Undershorts / Cycling Underwear for Road Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, Cycle Tourers and Commuters

Base liner shorts are a must-have kit essential for cyclists. The overall fit of the under shorts plays an important role. Yet, the choice is huge. Breathable boxer shorts, long thermal cycling liner pants for women with gel pad... This can make it difficult to keep track of things. This buyer's guide covers the key topics and answers the most important questions to help you find the right liner shorts. Ranging from the perfect fit via underwear features for summer and winter cycling through to the difference between gel and foam pads – we explain everything you need to know.

We stock a wide range of cycling under shorts for women, men and kids in all common sizes and price ranges by renowned brands like ROSE, Löffler, GORE WEAR, CRAFT, VAUDE, GONSO, Odlo, X-Bionic and many others.

Which cycling underwear is right for me?

The choice of cycling underwear is huge. Ranging from long, padded liner pants through to boxer shorts with removable seat pad. There’s the right garment for any intended use and taste. Thus buying guide is intended to provide essential information and useful tips. We explain what to look out for when purchasing new cycling underwear and which liner pants are right for you!


First of all, you should decide whether you need underwear for summer or a base cycling kit for winter. The difference between those types of underwear is in the material. While summer underwear should primarily be breathable, base layers for winter should keep the wearer warm above all. For more differences between summer and winter underwear see further below.


In addition, you can choose from different leg lengths. Long liner pants are especially recommended for riding in the cold months of the year, since they keep your entire legs warm. Yet, we also stock cycling under shorts for winter. These are, for example, equipped with a windproof panel. For more information, see further below.

For summer riding, you should rather go for cycling undershorts. We also stock boxer shorts for men. Women can choose from different cycling panties. Thanks to high breathability, all these liner shorts ensure constant ventilation as well as a comfortably dry and cool feeling.


For an extremely high level of comfort you should make sure your new pair of cycling liner pants comes with high-quality seams. Many manufacturers use flat seams (also called flatlock seams) that are flat on both sides of the material. This reduces the risk of chafing.

Another special highlight is seamless underwear. These garments are made with a circular knitting machine. This form of knitting produces a continuous tube of weft knitted fabric. This eliminates any side seams as well as any seams and stitches that connect different functional zones with each other. The only thing that is sewn on the garment is a seat pad or a waistband. Thanks to reduced seams, circular knitted fabrics offer a high level of comfort.


Our range includes cycling liner pants with chamois pad, without pad and selected pants and shorts with a removable pad. Below we will explain whether you need a pad at all and which type of pad is perfect for your intended use.

Cycling Under Shorts for Summer

Those riding their bike in summer should go for cycling underpants with high breathability.

Even though classic cotton liner pants are comfortable to wear, they are not recommended for sports activities. Cotton fabric absorbs moisture quickly. Instead of wicking it off to the outside though, cotton stores moisture. Once soaked, the material feels cold on the skin. Besides, many wearers find a damp feeling on the skin very unpleasant.

That’s why cycling undershorts and liner pants made of functional fibres like polyester, polyamide or polypropylene are a better alternative. The structure of these fibres makes sure the fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and off to the outside. Additional open-mesh panels provide additional ventilation. Thus, you will always feel comfortable and dry.

Many manufacturers additionally use antibacterial fibres like Meryl Skinlife or silver threads or equip their textiles with an antibacterial finish. Thanks to an odour-inhibiting effect, your underwear will stay fresh for longer.

Winter Cycling Liner Pants

Technical fibres of thermal cycling underpants are not only very breathable, but also insulating. This keeps you pleasantly warm during the cold months of the year. In addition, merino wool is used quite often. Just like cotton merino wool feels pleasantly soft on the skin. Yet, it wicks moisture off to the outside better and has a natural, odour-inhibiting effect.

To perfectly protect you from cold draughts, it is recommended to wear cycling underpants with a windproof panel in front. This panel is a thin layer of plastic sheeting (also called membrane) that is integrated in the material. This layer prevents draughts from penetrating and thus keeps sensitive body areas warm for longer. Microscopically small perforations in the plastic sheeting allow water vapour created during sweating to escape to the outside fast. These types of windproof cycling underpants keep you comfortably dry and warm. Perfect for in-between seasons, winter and fast-paced downhills. The most popular windproof membrane is GORE WINDSTOPPER.

Choose from our range of cycling liner shorts, boxer shorts and long cycling underpants – padded or unpadded.

Cycling Liner Shorts and Pants – How To Wear Cycling Underwear

Our tip: Don’t wear any additional underwear below your padded cycling liner shorts or pants. Your cycling under shorts and pants are designed to fit like a second skin – no chafing or slipping. Wearing additional briefs, boxer shorts or similar, however, may result in chafing and pressure sores. Thus, you should do without additional underwear and wear your cycling liner pants next to your skin. This guarantees high comfort and a perfect fit.

MTB Shorts usually don’t have a seat pad. Instead, they are combined with padded liner shorts.

Cycling pants and tights are available with or without chamois pad. Padded cycling pants are designed to be worn without additional underwear to prevent chafing. Unpadded cycling pants and tights on the contrary may be combined with respective liner shorts that feature a seat pad. Thus, you are perfectly dressed for your tours.

Which seat pad is right for me?

Most cycling underpants and shorts already come with a chamois pad. These large foam or gel pads are sewn into the trousers to offer high shock absorption and comfort on your bike tours.

  • Most seat pads additionally feature zones of varying densities e.g. for good cushioning at the sit bones.
  • Materials: Some manufacturers use ventilation channels for their pads, as well as particularly breathable materials to further increase comfort. Again others equip their seat pads with a windproof panel at the front to protect sensitive body parts from cold draughts.
  • Seat pad thickness: Depending on your preferences, you can go for a thick or thin pad to make your bike tour more comfortable. Seat pad thickness is a matter of taste. While many riders find thick seat pads extremely comfortable, many long-distance riders rather prefer thin pads where the sit bones don’t sink in that far. Thus, we can’t make any universal recommendations. It’s best to try it out yourself!
  • Foam pads: Classic seat pads are made of foam. The foam is compressed under load and returns to its original shape afterwards. Thus, it provides effective shock absorption and a perfect fit.
  • Gel pads: Gel can move freely inside the pad to perfectly adapt to your individual body shape – like a saddle. At that, gel offers more shock absorption than foam. A true alternative to a foam pad!

With these practical tips, it should be easy to find the right cycling underwear for your needs. If you have any questions or require additional advice, please feel free to contact our expert consultants at any time. We will be happy to help you.

We stock a wide range of light, breathable cycling pants for men, cycling liner shorts for women, cycling undershorts for kids – with and without seat pad – in all common sizes and price ranges by renowned brands like ROSE, Löffler, GORE WEAR, CRAFT, VAUDE, GONSO, Odlo, X-Bionic and many others.