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head set-uri

Headsets for MTBs, road bikes, city and touring bikes

Threaded headsets and Aheadsets for MTBs, city, touring or road bikes

The headset of a bicycle is the steering head bearing, in which the fork at the front rotates. It is typically pressed into the head tube where it ensures smooth steering.

From us, you can buy both headsets for thread less forks (ahead-headsets) as well as threaded headsets. Depending on the wheel and frame type the headset bearing is either fully integrated or external.

In addition, there are various sizes. 1 1/8" has established itself as the standard size for the bearing. Of course, we also stock 1" bearings as well. In the case of "tapered" head tubes, bearings of different sizes can be used on the top and bottom.

Headsets and the inside of head tubes should be cleaned from time to time and re-lubricated, so that you can continue to enjoy using them.

In the accessories section, you find replacement parts such top caps, claws, top and bottom parts of individual headsets, spacers and headset seals.