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ERGON GP3 grips

The Ergon GP3 grip gives your hands three different comfortable anti-slip grip zones and prevents thus tensions and fatigue. It comes with ergonomical...

RRP 54,95 EUR 39,90 EUR

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ERGON GP1 grips

Easy. Ergonomic. Versatile. The GP1 grips by Ergon successfully prevent numb fingers or painful wrists. The ergonomic grips offer best pressure distr...

RRP 34,95 EUR 24,90 EUR

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Brooks Ergon GP1 Brooks leather grips

The Ergon GP1 leather grips by Brooks are a trendy accessory for your bike. The naturally tanned leather offers a high-quality look, the anatomic shap...

RRP 89,00 EUR 64,95 EUR

Knog Oi bell

The bicycle bell that does not look like a bell. With a simple, unique design, this bell visually adapts to your handlebar while attracting road users...

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The Beam Corky drop bar mirror

The small but mighty Corky rear view mirror by The Beam offers high safety and can be folded to save space. Designed for drop bars, the mirror is simp...

24,95 EUR

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ERGON GP5 grips

Maximum comfort on long tours – the Ergon GP5 grips with angle-adjustable full-size bar ends are a great solution to prevent numb fingers and hand pai...

RRP 74,95 EUR 58,90 EUR

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ERGON GA3 grips

The Ergon GA3 all-mountain comfort grips combine the relief benefits and wrist support of ergonomic wing grips with the freedom of movement of rounder...

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RRP 29,95 EUR 24,95 EUR

Profile T4+ aero bar

The Profile T4 Plus aero bar combines aerodynamics with comfort. The ski bend of the extension ensures that you don't have to stretch your arms too mu...

Culoare: carbon matt

carbon matt
RRP 209,99 EUR 129,90 EUR

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ERGON Ergon GP3 BioKork grips

Like all grips of the Ergon Performance Comfort series, the Ergon GP3 BioKork offers optimum ergonomics for your hands and wrists. Cork is naturally...

RRP 59,95 EUR 44,90 EUR

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ERGON Ergon GP2 grips

The Ergon GP2 grip gives your hands three different comfortable anti-slip grip zones and prevents thus tensions and fatigue. It comes with ergonomical...

RRP 44,95 EUR 32,95 EUR

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ROSE BE-1 ergonomic grips

Thanks to their ergonomic structure, the ROSE BE-1 help put an end to numbness and painful hands. Their large wings prevent your wrists from bending u...

Culoare: schw/grau

17,90 EUR

Lizard Skins DSP 2,5 mm handlebar tape Road

An extremely lightweight handlebar tape with excellent shock absorption to make sure you will always have full control over your road bike. You will f...

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ERGON Ergon GP1 BioKork grips

Optimum ergonomics for your hands and wrists. The Ergon GP1 BioKork grips not only stand out for their comfort, yet are also very skin-friendly. The n...

RRP 42,95 EUR 32,90 EUR

Profile T2+ aero bar

The Profile T2 Plus aero bar was developed for cyclists who have got no time to lose and want to cross the finish line first. The 0-degree angle of th...

RRP 119,99 EUR de la84,95 EUR

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ROSE Gel-Comfort handlebar tape

Extremely slip-proof handlebar tape with an integrated gel pad. Even the longest marathon will not become a torture for your hands anymore. · self-adh...

Culoare: white

9,95 EUR

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ROSE Kork Exzellent handlebar tape

Our bestseller! This self-adhesive cork tape stands out with its extreme robustness. It has excellent damping features, a very good grip and is breath...

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ERGON GP1 grips for Rohloff/Nexus twist shifters

Best ergonomics for demanding cyclists – the Ergon GP1 grips for Rohloff or Nexus twist shifters are extremely robust and ergonomic. Apart from a hand...

RRP 34,95 EUR 24,90 EUR

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ergotec Riser Bar 70 handlebar

The ergotec Riser Bar 70 makes sure you will always stay in an upright position. An extra-high rise of 70 mm not only protects your back, but also off...

Culoare: schwarz

RRP 41,90 EUR 29,90 EUR

Spank Spike 800 Race handlebar 2017

The Spike 800 Race is the further development of the legendary Spike 777. Thanks to a width of 800 mm, the handlebar is made for racing. Thanks to the...

RRP 79,90 EUR de la47,95 EUR

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fi´zi:k Performance bar tape

The fi´zi:k Performance bar tape is 3 mm thick and ensures pleasant grip and comfort. The tape is roughened to offer improved grip in rain. Besides, t...

Culoare: pink

RRP 19,90 EUR 9,95 EUR

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