Bicycle tyres and inner tubes for professional cycling


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A combination of Italian creativity and enormous technological potential have made the company Vittoria very popular among cyclists. The manufacturer Vittoria is specialised in the production of road tyres for all kinds of bicycle racing sports and develops top-class bike accessories at the highest level. Pro class champions like Moser, Hinault, Indurain, Ullrich, Pantani, Cipollini, Menchov, Sastre and many more have won several cycle races on Vittoria tyres. The cooperation between cycling pros and the bike accessories manufacturer represents an important part of the development process of bicycle tyres and inner tubes.

Vittoria cycling – Road and MTB tyres from one source
The company Vittoria has over 50 years of experience and has worked its way to the top step by step since 1953. Today, the enormous technological potential helps develop products that significantly influence the world of cycling by setting new standards. Vittoria develops products for the entire cycling and cycle racing sector. Under the name GEAX, the group not only manufactures road but also mountain bike tyres. Yet, it is not only the pros that rely on Vittoria products, but a wide range of amateur cyclists can also benefit from these high-end products.

Cotton tyres by Vittoria – into the future with the right bicycle tubulars
The company Vittoria helps cyclists reach their individual cycling goals with fast, high-quality tyres and inner tubes – in the knowledge that you should always think one step further. In its plant in Thailand, the company produces over 7 million bicycle tyres and almost one million cotton tyres a year. Thus, Vittoria Industries Ltd. is one of the largest bicycle tyre specialists and manufacturers in the world.