Bike accessories by Tubus – Luggage straps and centre kickstands for every bike tour


The company Tubus was founded in 1988 and is known as a manufacturer for bike accessories like pannier rack mounts, spring clamps and kickstands today. Those who like to go on a tour with their bike need to rely on the quality of their pannier rack. Therefore, Tubus stocks a huge range of different rack models suitable for long and short distances, as well as for light and heavy luggage. Thus, their products are used throughout the world. Functionality is the company’s top priority to ensure that every single pannier rack is a durable companion. As Tubus is convinced of the quality of their high-strength, ultra-light touring companions, the company offers a 30-year guarantee on all pannier racks. Therefore, you can be sure that the carriers will turn your bike tour into a comfortable journey and that you and your luggage will safely reach the destination.

Bike accessories by Tubus – Luggage straps and centre kickstands for every bike tour
Aluminium spring clamps help you extend the function of your bike pannier rack. These accessories come with a high spring tension to safely transport e.g. your shopping. Tubus luggage straps with a hook at each end offer an additional possibility to fix your luggage. Their elastic fabric allows for maximum and lasting resilience. Especially for use with lowriders, the bike accessories specialist Tubus stocks kickstands that prevent the bike from falling to the side when loaded. Besides, Tubus offers rack struts and quick release adapters. With products from the market leader Tubus you can easily do multi-day or long-distance bike tours. A huge range of bike accessories makes sure you will find the right products for your needs.

Pannier racks by Tubus – Pannier racks are not launched until they meet the high quality standards
Before a Tubus rack can be mounted on a bike, it is tested intensively. Based on DIN and ISO standards, all bike accessories are carefully tested again and again. The quality standards of the company Tubus are so high that the rack tests even go beyond the industrial standard. In order to successfully master every endurance test on the road, each rack is exposed to additional loads. Regular vibration tests during the development phase ensure all parts and the entire product can withstand extreme loads. A model will only be launched if the quality is right. So, it’s not without reason that Tubus is among the best manufacturers of pannier racks made of steel tubes.