REMA Tip Top

Repair kits for professional and fast repair works on your bike


The company REMA Tip Top is an internationally known manufacturer of cycling accessories for bicycle maintenance and repair. With a versatile range of repair kits, the company offers all accessories you need to maintain among others city bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. The company was established in 1937 and has consequently expanded its range of bike maintenance products ever since its foundation. Today, REMA Tip Top offers bicycle care products that help you repair differently sized holes in a bicycle tyre in a professional, fast and safe way. REMA Tip Top repair kits are the result of innovative adhesive technology and special rubber compounds and help you make a damaged tyre on your hybrid, cruiser bike or BMX ready to ride again in a matter of minutes.

Bike repairs with REMA Tip Top – Bike accessories you should always carry with you
The range of the quality brand REMA Tip Top includes valve caps, repair kits, hand cleaners, vulcanizing fluid, tube patches and valve core removal tools. As an international manufacturer of bike repair kits, the company is known for offering the right products for all kind of bicycle repair works. With a REMA Tip Top repair kit, you will have all important accessories you need to quickly make any kind of bicycle ready for use on the road again in one product. The quality brand REMA Tip Top belongs to the standard equipment of many cyclists. The hand cleaner helps you clean dirty hands within a flick of the wrist – and without water.

Tyre and tube puncture repair patches by REMA Tip Top – Environmentally-friendly produced bicycle care products
Bottles, broken glass, nails, sharp stones and potholes may affect the functionality of a bicycle tyre. Once a bike tube has a puncture, you can repair your bike with REMA Tip Top tube patches. After repair, clincher tyres can be used with the same quality. Tyre and tube puncture repair patches can be used on bike tours or cycling journeys and allow you to inflate the tyre with sufficient air pressure/bars again. With REMA Tip Top, hobby cyclists and pro athletes decide for care products that are also environmentally friendly. Vulcanizing fluid in small practical tubes is applied onto the hole inside the tyre to effectively seal it. Tube patches are available in different shapes and sizes to offer perfect conditions for differently sized holes. Valve core removal tools are used to replace damaged valves within seconds.