Brooks England

Leather saddles and bike bags, handmade in the Brooks manufactory since 1866


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Great fit, quality and finish: Brooks saddles made of leather and natural caoutchouc
The bike saddle manufacturer Brooks looks back on a long tradition. The company is committed to producing saddles for high demands since 1866. Over time, other products for cyclists were added, such as handlebars, which also came up to high demands on quality, design and durability. With this experience, Brooks has developed special methods to make sure the saddle is comfortable right from the start. To ensure riding comfort, Brooks saddles get a special treatment during the production: A pre-treatment with oil and wax is the basis for the riding pleasure. Brooks is known for their bike saddles made from leather in different shades of brown. Another typical feature are the large springs at the rear of the saddle, promising relaxed comfort on all tours. There are also saddles available without suspension.

Flexible and ergonomic – the Brooks Cambium saddle
Cambium is the name of a series of Brooks saddles, which are made from vulcanised natural caoutchouc and cotton from organic production. A thin layer of structured textile gives the caoutchouc elasticity and ensures high durability. The flexible and waterproof material follows the movements of the rider and offers special comfort. The natural elasticity of the rubber makes sure the saddle adapts well to the rider’s anatomy, the textile threads provide abrasion resistance and prevent the saddle from becoming worn and loose.

Comfortable bike saddles in different shapes
The quality of a saddles decides about how long you can comfortably ride your bike. Of course there are many different factors, which have an influence on the feeling of comfort when cycling. The shape of the saddle has to make sure you have a good support surface, however, the saddle must not be too wide. The surface finish has to be exact. Seams should not be on the sitting surface, because otherwise pressure marks can easily appear on sensitive spots. The comfort of a saddle is a crucial purchase criterion, particularly for hobby cyclists. Due to the fact that bikes and thus also bike saddles stand outside and become wet from time to time, the seats made of leather have to be very sturdy, too.

Care products for bike saddles: bike accessories by Brooks
Companies selling bike accessories offer a choice of products today for the care, maintenance, impregnation and durability of saddles. In addition to care products for a supple saddle, this traditional British company also offers tools to carry out fine adjustments before, after or during a bike ride. Brooks saddle bags provide space for tools and other necessary and useful items for cycling. Grip is guaranteed on all rides by handlebar tapes, which are made of leather, too, to match with the look of the saddle.