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PowerBar 52% Protein Plus bar

Proteins are natural building blocks for your muscles. So it is especially important to supply your body with these building blocks of protein after s...

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RRP 2,29 EUR 1,65 EUR Pret de baza: 3,30 EUR / 100g

ultraSPORTS ultraPro Bar 50% protein bar

For those who train hard for marathons, cycle races or triathlons, the ultraPro protein bar by ultraSPORTS offers the daily extra portion of protein t...

Varianta: lemon-coconut

RRP 2,49 EUR 2,20 EUR Pret de baza: 4,40 EUR / 100g

Clif Bar Builder's Protein Bar 30%

Clif Builder's Protein bars are specifically made for athletes. In addition to 20g of soy and nut proteins, the bars contain vitamins and minerals. Hi...

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RRP 2,19 EUR 1,85 EUR Pret de baza: 2,72 EUR / 100g

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PowerBar Natural Protein bar

The PowerBar Natural Protein bar is as crunchy as a cereal bar, has natural ingredients and is lactose-free as well as vegan. Proteins are natural bui...

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RRP 1,59 EUR 1,30 EUR Pret de baza: 3,25 EUR / 100g

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Isostar High Protein bar

High-grade lactoprotein combined with carbohydrates - this is the isostar High Protein bar. The bar is rich in protein and ideal to bulk up and to ma...

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0,80 EUR Pret de baza: 2,29 EUR / 100g

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Dextro Energy protein crisp bar 50 g

The Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition Protein Crisp can be eaten as a protein bar after the training or as a light snack. With a protein content of 30%,...

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RRP 1,49 EUR 0,99 EUR Pret de baza: 1,98 EUR / 100g

Mulebar Vegan Refuel Bar Natural

Mulebar Refuel bars are rich in protein and primarily made for recovery after physical activities. Therefore, the nutty bars on almond basis contain a...

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RRP 2,90 EUR 2,45 EUR Pret de baza: 5,83 EUR / 100g

PowerBar Proteinnut 2 protein bar

With the PowerBar Proteinnut 2 protein bar, you can enjoy a protein-rich snack twice. The tear-off package hides a bite-sized protein bar duo for in-b...

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RRP 1,49 EUR 1,20 EUR Pret de baza: 2,67 EUR / 100g

PowerBar Clean Whey protein bar

As the bar comes completely without chocolate coating, you will immediately see what's inside. No matter if you prefer the 45 g or 60 g bar, the after...

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RRP 1,79 EUR de la1,40 EUR Pret de baza: 3,11 EUR / 100g

AMSport AmSport Protein Crunch 32% protein bar

The combination of creamy caramel and crunchy crisps turn the chocolate coated protein crunch bar by AMSPORT into a special taste experience. The crun...

Varianta: vanilla-caramel

RRP 1,89 EUR 1,55 EUR Pret de baza: 3,10 EUR / 100g

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Squeezy Protein Energy Bar protein-carbohydrate bar

The Protein Energy Bar is a protein-carbohydrate bar by Squeezy that has been especially developed for recovery after sports. Details: • 1x 50g bar •...

Varianta: Vanille m.Schokolasur

RRP 1,99 EUR 1,60 EUR Pret de baza: 3,20 EUR / 100g

AMSport High Protein Bar

With at least 50% protein, the High Protein Bars by AMSport support your effective strength and muscle training by supplying you with proteins. The b...

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2,49 EUR Pret de baza: 4,98 EUR / 100g

AMSport Protein Bar 30%

The AMSport Protein Bar 30% is the perfect way to supply your body with high-quality protein on the go. Handy, ready to eat and made of milk protein,...

Varianta: Cocos

RRP 1,69 EUR 1,45 EUR Pret de baza: 4,14 EUR / 100g


ENERVIT Sport Protein Bar – gluten-free

The ENERVIT Sport Protein Bar is especially for active strength and endurance athletes to meet their protein requirements. The gluten-free bar with ch...

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de la2,20 EUR Pret de baza: 5,50 EUR / 100g


ENERVIT Sport The Protein Deal Bar

With 20 grams of protein per bar, the gluten-free ENERVIT Protein Deal Bar contributes to maintaining and increasing your muscle mass. Moreover, conta...

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2,10 EUR Pret de baza: 3,82 EUR / 100g


High5 Recovery Bar Chocolate

After workouts, the High5 Recovery Bar supplies you with a mixture of protein and carbohydrates. The chocolate-coated bar not only rewards you for you...

Varianta: Chocolate

2,79 EUR Pret de baza: 5,58 EUR / 100g
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