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Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Consists of: bucket with lid (can be used as wash box), Bike Cleaner 1 l (item no. 1403310), Bike Spray 500 ml (item no. 1403329), sponge, soft washin...

RRP 49,99 EUR 34,95 EUR

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Xtreme brush kit

Xtreme brush kit for a thorough cleaning of your bike. Whether they are used to clean deep between sprockets or chainrings, to remove dirt from large...

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RRP 27,20 EUR de la15,90 EUR

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Muc-Off Muc Off 5 x Premium Brush Kit

High-quality brush kit for the whole bike. With nylon bristles and rubberised handle that won’t slip in extreme conditions. · Soft Washing Brush e.g....

RRP 29,99 EUR 20,95 EUR

ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit

The problem is all too common: Whether it's bad roads or bad weather – after a tour, the bike looks shabby. The ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit offers ev...

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29,95 EUR

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Muc-Off 3x Brush Set

Easy and comfortable cleaning! This practical brush kit makes your bike frame, hub, chain and other components shiny again in no time, while caring fo...

RRP 21,99 EUR 15,95 EUR

Park Tool BCB-4.2 brush set

A clean bike is a happy bike! The BCB-4.2 is a four-piece brush set made specifically to clean bicycles. · Including: GSC-1 GearClean brush, frame cl...

RRP 25,99 EUR 17,90 EUR

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Xtreme Scrub Brush

The Xtreme Scrub Brush helps you clean your bike efficiently, including hard-to-reach areas like the gaps between sprockets and chainrings. The claw e...

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4,50 EUR

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Muc-Off Microfiber cleaning cloth

Premium quality ultra fine microfibre cloth. · leaves a gleaming, streak free finish · no risk of scratches or damage to surfaces or coatings · machin...

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RRP 9,99 EUR 7,45 EUR

Finish Line The Grunge Brush

The Grunge Brush has 3 bristles, which you can slide in the holder to adjust them optimally to every chain. Its stable bristles clean the chain fast a...

RRP 15,99 EUR 9,95 EUR

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keine Marke "Lumpi" cleaning cloth

The cleaning cloth Lumpi is essential for clean working conditions and indispensable to keep your bike and its parts in good condition. The cotton clo...

1,95 EUR

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Muc-Off Microcell Expanding Sponge

Surface cleaning sponge for bicycles, with high water absorption ability. Vacuum packed for initial storage. When opened it expands into a jumbo sized...

RRP 4,99 EUR 3,50 EUR

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Finish Line Easy Pro brush set

One set for cleaning your entire bike. With this large variety you will surely succeed in cleaning the most inaccessible spots of your full suspension...

RRP 15,95 EUR 12,95 EUR

Muc-Off Tyre and Cassette Brush

The tyre and cassette brush comes with particularly stiff nylon bristles. This allows removing slightly rough dirt from cassettes, chainrings or tyres...

RRP 9,99 EUR 8,90 EUR

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Xtreme BL-Brush

This slim brush is especially suitable for cleaning cassettes, because its long bristles can reach everywhere. The rear derailleur and other small com...

4,20 EUR

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Park Tool cassette brush

Facilitates the cleaning of mounted sprockets. Also suitable for gearshifts, brakes etc. · hole for hanging · replaceable brush head

RRP 5,99 EUR 3,95 EUR

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Muc-Off Soft Washing Brush

Cleaning brush with soft nylon bristles and rubberised handle. With this brush you can effectively remove grime even at sensitive areas. · field of a...

RRP 12,99 EUR 8,90 EUR

F100 Premium Microfibre Cloth

Highly absorbent premium microfibre cloth for an easy follow-up treatment after cleaning your bike. · Seamless Ultra-Sonic cut for scratch- and fuzz-...

RRP 8,99 EUR 6,90 EUR

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ROSE Soft Brush cleaning brush

The ROSE Soft Brush comes with soft nylon bristles so that you can also remove dirt from frame or add-on parts. A rubberised handle lies securely in y...

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5,95 EUR

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Muc-Off Wheel & Component brush

With this brush you can remove grime on hard-to-reach areas such as spokes or rims. · soft nylon bristles · hole for hanging

RRP 8,49 EUR 5,95 EUR

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