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Fidlock TWIST bottle incl. magnetic mount

This is for all those who appreciate a clean look and easy handling! With the TWIST bottle by Fidlock, you can replace your standard drinks bottle and...

RRP 34,99 EUR 29,95 EUR

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Elite Kit Crono CX aero bottle cage incl. aero drinks bottle 500 ml

The aerodynamic drinks bottle elegantly fits into the cage and ensures a clean look on the bike. When pressing the bottle, the membrane releases liqui...

Culoare: schwarz

RRP 27,95 EUR 18,95 EUR Pret de baza: 37,90 EUR / l

Elite Deboyo 12h insulated drinks bottle

The Deboyo drinks bottle made from stainless steel with hygienic inside walls is perfectly suitable for outdoor use thanks to the additional, insulati...

Culoare: silber

RRP 29,95 EUR 20,90 EUR

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Elite Corsa drinks bottle

The Elite Corsa drinks bottle is made of biologically degradable plastic and comes with a modern, stylish design. A moulded grip and a large fill open...

Culoare: transparent

RRP 6,45 EUR de la3,90 EUR

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Elite Fly drinks bottle

Compact, handy and extremely light. It's not without reason that the clear design of the lightweight drinks bottle Fly by Elite is quite popular among...

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Elite Kit Crono CX carbon aero bottle cage incl. aero drinks bottle

The aerodynamic drinks bottle fits perfectly into the cage and provides a tidy look of the bike. When pressing the bottle, the membrane releases the l...

Culoare: schwarz

RRP 79,95 EUR 46,95 EUR

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CamelBak Podium Chill Thermo insulated drinks bottle 620 ml / 710 ml

Compared to a standard single-wall plastic drinks bottle, the double-wall Podium Chill Thermo insulated bottle by CamelBak keeps drinks at the desired...

RRP 16,95 EUR de la12,95 EUR

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CamelBak Podium drinks bottle 620 ml / 710 ml

The CamelBak Podium offers everything a functional drinks bottle needs. It is compact, light, can be squeezed easily, has a self-closing membrane valv...

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CamelBak Vacuum Chute Mag insulated drinks bottle

Those who do not want to ride without a cool, refreshing drink at hand should go for the Vacuum Chute Mag insulated bottle by CamelBak. The stainless...

RRP 34,95 EUR de la24,95 EUR

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ROSE Longdistance 750 ml drinks bottle

High-quality drinks bottle with a 750 ml volume. Its easy-to-handle bite valve seals the bottle tightly. Moreover, it guarantees a good liquid flow. I...

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ROSE 500ml bottle

ROSE's 500ml water bottle quickly satisfies your thirst and fits into almost every bottle cage. The food-safe and BPA-free plastic bottle comes with a...

de la1,80 EUR

Elite Crystal Ombra Membrane drinks bottle

This sporty bottle allows for a high liquid flow and best ease of use thanks to a large opening with push/pull technology. The bite valve is made from...

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Tune Wasserträger 2.0 carbon bottle cage set incl. 750 ml bottle

As a worthy successor of the ultra-light Wasserträger carbon bottle cage designed for racing, the Wasserträger 2.0 by tune is even lighter and stronge...

RRP 55,00 EUR 41,90 EUR

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CamelBak Chute Mag drinks bottle

Practical in every way! The CamelBak Chute Mag drinks bottle made from tasteless Tritan is the perfect choice for the office, training or simply for o...

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Elite Ombra membrane drinks bottle

A large valve with a high liquid flow makes sure the Elite Ombra membrane bottle will give you enough liquid on your tours. A screw cap allows for eas...

RRP 7,95 EUR 4,95 EUR

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ROSE Echt Cool 700 ml insulated drinks bottle

The ROSE Echt Cool drinks bottle is the ideal companion for keeping drinks pleasantly cool in very hot temperatures. With its volume of 700 ml, it ha...


Culoare: white

in locul 12,95 EUR 9,95 EUR

Elite Nanogelite insulated drinks bottle 650ml

The insulated Nanogelite bottle will keep your drink cool for up to 4 hours. The structure of Nanogel with the so-called Nanoprene matrix makes sure h...

Culoare: weiß/grau

RRP 28,45 EUR 18,95 EUR

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ROSE 750ml bottle

The tightly sealing bite valve of the ROSE 750 ml water bottle features a high liquid flow. The wide-mouth opening of the BPA-free bottle allows for t...

SKS Germany drinks bottle with screw cap 750 ml

Drinks bottles are a dime a dozen. Therefore, SKS Germany has focused on quality, handling and cool designs when developing these thirst-qunching spor...

Fidlock TWIST bottle

This Fidlock bottle for the magnetic TWIST bottle system allows you to easily replace your worn drinks bottle. All you have to do is remove the TWIST...

Culoare: schwarz/transp.

9,99 EUR Pret de baza: 22,20 EUR / l

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