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Seatposts for mountain bikes, touring and road bikes

Suspension seatposts and rigid seatposts made of carbon or aluminium

Here you will find a huge range of suspension seat posts, rigid seat posts and adjustable seat posts. It is important to choose the right seat post diameter and length for your bike.

Suspension seat posts offer shock absorption and thus increased comfort while riding. Some models even allow for a height adjustment during the ride. Special constructions ensure low wear.

As regards conventional rigid seat posts, we offer high-quality models made from aluminium or carbon. Aluminium seat posts are lightweight and solid, robust carbon seat posts can save a few grams more and absorb vibrations. Some models can also be adjusted in height while riding thanks to a special lever – which proves especially advantageous for mountain bikers in varied terrain.   

In the category ‘accessories’, you will find seatpost clamps, adapters and replacement spring elements.