Sustainable bike clothing and cycling equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.


Here you will find the perfect, sustainably-produced gear for cycling tours, bikepacking or everyday rides.

Our Jackets and Vests

Discover functional and sustainable cycling jackets and vests

Our cycling jackets are not only functional, but also sustainably produced. Whether for intensive mountain biking or for commuting to the office: The demands on a cycling jacket can be very different. Our VAUDE cycling jackets stem are produced in an environmentally friendly and fair way – for a good feeling.

Jackets and vests for cycling and much more

As soon as you go out into the fresh air, you need a practical outdoor jacket that reliably protects you from cold temperatures, strong winds, rain or snow. For outdoor adventures big and small, a jacket should not only be waterproof and windproof, but also breathable to ensure good ventilation during strenuous tours.

Mountain bikers, bike travellers and road cyclists are sure to find the right cycling jacket here. They have a longer back panel to prevent slipping during the ride and they ensure good visibility in road traffic.
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Our Cycling Jerseys

Discover sustainable cycling jerseys for every cycling sport

Whether uphill on a road bike, racy downhill on a cross bike or a relaxed cycling trip: Athletes who frequently ride their bikes rely on functional cycling clothing such as a breathable cycling jersey. Our cycling jerseys are suitable for all cycling adventures and are also environmentally friendly and sustainably produced.

Road bike, mountain bike & more

Cyclists on road bikes need a cycling jersey with a snug fit in order to ensure good aerodynamics. However, the cycling jersey must not constrict or pinch, so that you can enjoy your ride even on long tours. Our VAUDE cycling jerseys have a longer back panel and a silicone waistband to prevent slipping. The jerseys can be fully or partially opened with a front zip. Cycling jerseys are elastic and offer high freedom of movement for all cycling adventures.

A cycling jersey is also ideal for mountain biking. A longer back panel ensures that your back is well protected from wind and sun and it prevents the jersey from riding up at the back. The casual fit is not constricting and it makes you look good on the bike.

Cycling jerseys for commuters and bike travellers A functional cycling shirt also pays off on bike travels. On multi-day tours and bikepacking, your luggage is limited and you have little room for spare clothes. That's why bike travellers go for a breathable cycling jersey made of easy-care material that looks good in the city and during leisure time as well. The same is true for commuters who ride to work: Thanks to a functional material combined with an urban design, you are also ideally dressed in the city.

Our Cycling Trousers

Lasting saddle comfort

Hardly any piece of clothing is as important as a well-fitting pair of cycling trousers when riding a bike – especially on longer and more ambitious bike tours. Men's cycling trousers are not only used on road bikes or mountain bikes, but also on bike travels or extended tours with the family, in order to enjoy ride comfort without pinching or rubbing. VAUDE cycling trousers are more than just comfortable to wear: We use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and guarantee fair production conditions.

Mountain bike, road bike & more: Well-fitting cycling trousers

Anyone who rides their bike regularly knows: Cycling trousers are a must-have! The cycling trousers are the contact point between body and bike – the buttocks have to withstand a lot. Padded cycling trousers take away the pressure and provide more comfort in the saddle.

While tight-fitting cycling shorts provide the necessary aerodynamics on a road bike, mountain bikers prefer casual MTB shorts with padded inner shorts. The advantage of cycling shorts: They have pockets in which small items can be stowed. The elastic material leaves enough freedom of movement for full trail action.

Eco-friendly bike trousers by VAUDE

Our VAUDE cycling trousers are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. The partially recycled materials keep our environment clean. In addition, we ensure fair working conditions and wages in production. Our cycling trousers for men carry our strict Green Shape sustainability label, which stands for functional, ecological as well as fair products.
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Our Bike Backpacks

Practical, stylish, sustainable

A special bike backpack makes sense for mountain bikers, alpine crossers, bike commuters and all those who ride a lot. A bike backpack sits close to the back, adapts to the body perfectly and has a well-organised interior. Especially on fast downhills with the MTB, a bike backpack has to fit firmly in order to prevent disturbing swaying. For the same reason, bike backpacks should be small and slim, while still offering space your essentials.

Small, slim and well thought-out: Bike Backpacks for Women and Men

Those who want to carry a backpack on the bike usually choose a small and slim model. Whether on extreme trails with the MTB or on your road bike commute in the morning: You won’t use a voluminous backpack with a lot of storage space, but a model that fits snugly against the body. Energy bar, hydration bladder, spare clothes, valuables and repair kit – everything’s perfectly packed on the back. Bike backpacks for women and men offer an interior with numerous compartments to store equipment and have it quickly at hand when needed. The centre of gravity of a bike backpack is close to the back and the back plate leaves enough freedom of movement. This is especially important for mountain biking.

What’s more, ventilation plays an important role with VAUDE bike backpacks. A ventilation system provides the necessary fresh air supply and prevents excessive sweating at the back. To protect the contents of the backpack from wind and weather, our bike backpacks are waterproof and some are equipped with an additional rain cover. So you can brave mud and rain!

Our Bike Bags

Versatile companions for everyday life and travels

Bike bags have become very popular in everyday life. On shopping tours or on your way to work, for cycle journeys and in your leisure time – they are simply indispensable. Frame bags, handlebar bags, small saddle bags or panniers for more equipment: The choice of bike bags is huge! VAUDE bike bags are robust, versatile and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Bike bags for the luggage rack: All-rounders for everyday life and leisure

Those who ride a lot in everyday life usually use panniers for the luggage rack. They can be removed quickly, offer a lot of storage space and hardly influence the riding behaviour. Panniers with roll closure offer quick access and can be carried with the integrated shoulder strap.

VAUDE bike bags with backpack function have the advantage that they can also be carried on the back – which is especially practical for bike commuters. Further advantages of panniers and backpacks for bikes: Our models for bike commuters have extra storage compartments for a laptop, folders or important documents. With their cool look, the bike bags also cut a fine figure when strolling through the city.

Panniers are also very practical during leisure time: On the way to the lake, on a Sunday trip with the family or while shopping, there is room for everything you need. A waterproof bike bag also protects the contents from wind and weather.
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Our Cycling Shoes

Environmentally friendly and sustainably produced cycling shoes for men and women

On the road and then to the office, or over hill and dale? On long bike travels or short and demanding trails? VAUDE has the right cycling shoe for every intended use.

The right cycling shoes for your tours

When deciding on the right cycling shoe, you should first think about what your shoe should be capable of – the different models are just as varied as the tours or the equipment and the intended use of the bikes themselves. Not only personal factors such as foot shape or width are decisive for choosing the right footwear, but also the construction features of the shoe. This includes the type of shoe, materials, construction, sole hardness, intended use and, of course, detailed solutions of the individual models. All VAUDE shoes are manufactured without the use of PVC and the harmful plasticisers (phthalates) it contains. What’s more, a PFC-free Eco Finish makes the shoes water-repellent.