Bicycle accessories with a high standard of functionality, reliability and durability


The Rohloff company was founded in 1986 and is renowned for its innovative drivetrain technologies, which literally move forward bikes and cyclists. Characteristic for the entire range of bicycle accessories is their high standard of functionality, reliability and durability. This technology expert company offers – among other things – brake discs, replacement sprockets, chain tools, axle plates, solid axle protections, gear hubs and different grip systems. However, the Rohloff range also includes sprocket removal tools, and special bicycle oil. Rohloff’s fully automated chain production machine, also called “The Green Monster”, is widely known in the bicycle industry. One of the most important fields of work of the Rohloff company is the production of gear hubs, which are continuously improved through research and new developments.

Rohloff bicycle accessories – 14-speed high-performance gear hubs for bicycles
Rohloff has developed a large range of high-quality products for bicycles over the course of years. For cyclists with high demands, the company produces 14-speed high-performance gear hubs, which are used by amateur as well as by professional riders. Typical of these hubs is their smooth running and their high gear range. What’s more, they only rarely need maintenance. There is a wide gear transmission and good gear steps as well. Even under extreme conditions, the hub promises good functionality. The extensive range of accessories of the Rohloff brand also includes sprockets, shifters, chain tensioners, brake discs and oil change kits. These gear hubs are also very well suited for use in extreme terrain.

Rohloff bicycle lubricants – smooth running for bike components
All components on a bike only then function flawlessly, when the components are well lubricated. For long rides and for a high durability of the single bicycle components, Rohloff offers special products. Moreover, the products are produced in a sustainable way and are bio-degradable. The oil used in the lubricants has a high pressure stability, a water-repellent effect and very good penetrating and sliding properties. The Rohloff oil was tested intensely and is used specially for bicycle chains. Its particular chemical composition protects the components from wear caused by rust. What’s more, this special chain lubricant offers easy and precise dosing.