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The brand Rock Shox is known for well-designed, top-quality bike parts tested by world champs. The components’ high quality standard ensures high ride quality hobby and pro cyclists can benefit from. Offering innovative products for cycle sport, including rear shocks, bike forks like MTB forks and hybrid forks and accessories, the manufacturer Rock Shox offers best conditions for a great ride.

Rock Shox Components for Cycle Racing – Tested by World Champions
The company Rock Shox was founded in North Carolina, USA, in 1989 and had nothing to do with cycle racing back then. The company was led by Paul Turner and Steve Simons, both of them grown up in the world of motocross and members of a motocross team. Paul Turner joined the team as a mechanic and Steve Simons as a pro cross rider. Based on the experience gained in all these years, Simons started to develop rear shocks for his own company Simons Inc later on. In 1989, Turner and Simons got together to develop a suspension fork for mountain bikes. This development proved successful when Greg Herbold became the first downhill world champion with a Rock Shox suspension fork. His victory resulted in the production of the first 100 MTB suspension forks – the RS-1 was born.