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Getting on the bike and riding off without thinking of the brakes – that's exactly what the US American bike brake specialist Rever wants cycling to be like. And that’s also what the brand’s name suggests: Rever is a combination of the words “ride” and “ever”. So, nobody has thought of forced breaks during the ride.

When it comes to bicycle brakes, Rever entirely focuses on durable quality and easy handling. This saves you from spending long hours fine tuning the brakes, as they are already perfectly adapted to the performance requirements of road cyclists and cyclocross riders. For bikers, this means riding off, enjoying the ride and experiencing the simplicity and power of Rever brakes.

Thanks to their clever design, Rever brakes are also easily to care for and service after intensive downhill tours or fast-paced mud rides. At the end of the day, it’s the convincing, uncompromising racing performance that counts.