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The French bike accessories provider Look is internationally known for the high quality of their pedals and cleats. The company is the proud inventor of the clipless pedal and the worldwide leader. Look’s high-tech accessories are continuously used by international pros and ensure good rankings on the road in particular. Yet, in the discipline “Design and Technology”, too, the French company has already been awarded several first places. The Look cycling teams participate in races all over the world with the same high requirements – be it on the road, in a triathlon, on the track, in the city or on MTB tours across dangerous terrain.

Designed for pros and continuous use – Look bike pedals  
Look cleats are coated with the high-quality material Teflon. For maximum safety and acceleration in sprints on straight or winding tracks and on mountain stages, the cleats are designed for zero float. Moreover, Look cleats come with a useful wear indicator, the required screws are included. The clipless pedals for use on road bikes are designed to be easy to get in and out of within seconds. Thanks to innovative carbon technology, pro cyclists using these ultra-light road pedals have a clear advantage and can mix it at the top. For proper installation, the specialist Look offers appropriate pedal tools.

Pedals and cleats by Look – Improved performances in cycle racing  
With the clipless pedal, Look launched a very special innovation in 1984. Today, Look pedals are firmly established on the pro cycling market. Reliability and wear resistance are two important aspects clipless pedals should offer. Bearings and double seals make sure the successful Look products are highly durable, too. Today, everybody knows Look’s KEO standard that set new standards in terms of lightness. The result is Look high-tech pedals that help cyclists all over the world to achieve top performances, thanks to their low weight and high reliability. Then and today, Look follows the passion to improve bike parts and athletes’ performances step by step.