Your specialist for bicycle chains, chain links and chain fasteners


When it comes to bicycle chains, KMC has several decades of experience as a specialist in manufacturing and sales. The globally active company with headquarters in Taiwan was founded in 1977 by Charles Wu and developed into one of the largest bicycle chain manufacturers in the world by 2011. KMC produces and markets bicycle chains, chain links and chain locks under its own KMC brand and supplies many well-known brands in the bicycle sector.

This success has been made possible by continuous product improvements and innovations that are geared to the increasing demands of customers from industry, trade and the cyclist as a user. This is why KMC is actively involved in cycling and therefore always in direct contact with riders and mechanics. The special focus is on the running and shifting characteristics of the bicycle chain combined with high durability, which is illustrated in different chain designs for single-speed, hub and derailleur gears up to 12-speed for individual requirements. Special manufacturing technologies, either as individual product features, or in combination, ensure exceptionally long mileage, smooth shifting processes, special corrosion protection, low weight or minimal friction, partly in a coloured link look. KMC chains are compatible with almost all shifting systems such as Shimano, SRAM, etc. and are not directional. The differentiation is not made between road bike and MTB, but according to the gear ratio of the drive system.

For example, the X11 series chains fit all 11-speed systems and are suitable for all types of use. The early development of special bicycle chains for e-bikes with mid-motor shows that KMC, as a chain manufacturer, is always at the cutting edge of technology. As a consequence, KMC offers a corresponding product line with complete drive solutions consisting of matching chainrings for Bosch motors, sprockets for hub gears and more resilient drive chains for high mileage. KMC always strives to produce the best possible products, which leads to interesting innovations and enormous product improvements. Tools for measuring chain wear and for cutting and closing the drive chains complete the KMC product range.