Bicycle Maintenance at its Best


Hanseline keeps your machine running smoothly. The company Gessert & Sohn founded in 1947 produces lubricants and care products for filigree sewing machines, zippy cars and powerful bicycles – so actually, for everything that moves fast.

Hanseline offers a huge range of bicycle maintenance products that not only help make squeaking or tight bike parts running smoothly again. Yet, the family-owned business not only offers titanium grease, MTB oil or chain wax, but also care products for your beloved two-wheeler.

Everything that moves fast requires good care and that's where Hanseline comes into play. Their Chain Wax is perfect to care for the bike chain, whereas the hydraulic oil HLP 10 revitalizes your bike's suspension fork and rear shock. Silicone spray makes your bike shine like new after tough tours and the proven talcum powder supports you during tyre replacement.

Treating your bike with lubricants and care products by Hanseline will ensure best functionality of all parts without exceeding your budget. Thus, your machine will keep running smoothly...