Stops seating discomfort:
The athletic Arteria series – Terry’s Race saddle

A bicycle saddle on which you spend many hours has to fit like a glove. Besides handlebar and pedals, the saddle is the most important contact point on your bike, on which most of the body weight rests while cycling. Therefore, the right size, intended use and ergonomic seating comfort are decisive factors for choosing the right saddle. With these criteria in mind, Terry saddles are designed in adapted product lines in order to offer an outstanding riding experience for every type of cyclist. You can choose between optimised saddles for men and women as well as different saddle widths. Saddle pain is a thing of the past!

Total RaceComfort
For the weight-optimised models of the athletic Arteria series, Terry combines slim racing design with high seating comfort for extended road or mountain bike tours. A wide relief channel takes away pressure from the sensitive perineal and genital region when bending forward. This prevents feelings of numbness and discomfort on long distances. This wide opening comes with a gender-specific design to suit the female or male anatomy. In women, the pubic bone is lower than in men. That’s why, the women’s saddle has a relief channel towards the front, whereas the men’s saddle has a relief channel towards the back to relieve pressure on the perineal area.

Providing relief for the soft tissue in the genital and perineal contact zones is an important element of Terry’s 3-Zone-Comfort-Principle. There is a gentle transition with minimal pressure points towards the seat area of the saddle. This area distributes pressure evenly on the sit bones, thanks to its shape-retaining foam padding. A high restoring force of the high-performance foam prevents contact between the sit bones and the anatomically shaped saddle shell. The gel versions of the Arteria models come with large gel pads in the contact area for even better pressure distribution and shock absorption – for outstanding comfort during pedalling.

Every model is a visual delight
The minimalistic design of the Arteria line with its slim silhouette and its flat shape matches the clean look of your bike perfectly. High-grade materials of the light saddle construction combine quality and functionality to ensure lasting fun on the bike. The elegant black CrMo saddle rail is combined with an abrasion-proof WeatherMax DuraSilk saddle cover. This looks harmonious and as if made from a single block. On mountain bikes, the Arteria is therefore ideally suited for XC, Marathon and Race. On road bikes, too, it promises countless untroubled miles ridden. Choose your personal Terry saddle to match your gender, sit bone distance and your need for comfort.