The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Cycling Shoe
Maximum Control, Performance and Stability with Insoles by SOLESTAR

SOLESTAR insoles were launched 10 years ago and are developed for cyclists of all levels to offer improved ergonomics on the contact point foot-pedal. In professional cycling, SOLESTAR is already part of the standard equipment.

The difference between SOLESTAR insoles and other kind of soles lies in the patented design and the robust materials used for the production of the soles.

The SOLESTAR Principle: One Sole for All Feet!

Even though all feet are different, the best position of the feet inside cycling shoes is always the same: the neutral zero position. In this position, the foot is perfectly straight and does not rotate inwards or outwards. The unique Stabilization-Delta of SOLESTAR soles keeps your feet in exactly this position. This helps correct individual malalignments and supports biomechanically perfect ergonomics. The lightweight yet stiff fibreglass and carbon cores inside the soles make sure your feet will stay in position even under heavy load.

In contrast to insoles made of plastic, the high-quality materials used for SOLESTAR soles guarantee significantly higher durability.

The SOLESTAR Effect:
  • Increased comfort in cycling shoes
  • Prevention of too much strain
  • Improved performance
  • More stability and control
  • Which SOLESTAR sole for which type of rider?

    SOLESTAR KONTROL insoles are perfect for ambitious cyclists (Road, MTB, XC). Their especially lightweight and stiff fibreglass core combines perfect power transfer and comfort.

    SOLESTAR BLK insoles are designed for riders placing highest demands on their gear. They feature a carbon core and are used by many pro tour riders in all cycling disciplines, as they guarantee highest stability inside the shoe.

    SOLESTAR TOUR insoles offer perfect support on bike tours, prevent overstrain and reduce muscular fatigue. The flexible fibreglass sole core offers comfort and stability when used in everyday shoes or sports shoes.

    Made in Germany| SOLESTAR Satisfaction Guarantee
    SOLESTAR soles are 100% made in Germany and come with a six-week “Satisfaction Guarantee”.