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Joe's No-Flats
Reliable and eco-friendly – Joe’s No-Flat system is a challenge for flats on bikes

Joe's No-Flat system is made for all those cyclists, whose mood has already been spoilt at least once by a hole in the tyre during a bike tour or a training unit. As most riders of trekking bikes or mountain bikes, the developers at Joe’s thought that today, a time consuming and inconvenient change of tyres is not an appropriate solution anymore. Their self-sealing anti-puncture sealant provides uncomplicated and reliable protection from unscheduled pit stops. Particularly with modern sports tyres, which become ever lighter and thinner, you run a higher risk for punctures. The new generation of the No-Flat system was developed specially for the requirements of tubeless tyres, yet it functions just as well with standard tubular tyres. Even large holes of up to six millimetres diameter can be sealed securely by the micro-sealing particles of the No-Flat liquid. Special emphasis was placed on an eco-friendly composition and the non-use of aggressive substances, such as ammonium and latex. What’s more, the sealant does neither attack the material of the rim, nor of the tyre, and it does not leave sticky residues on the inside wall. A close cooperation with professional athletes and the product development with innovative nanotechnology ensure a constant improvement of the products. 

In addition to the tyre sealant, Joe’s also offer complete kits to convert standard tyres and rims for tubeless use. The advantages of these conversion kits are a reduced weight of the rotating masses and the possibility to ride with a lower air pressure for increased traction, without running the risk of a snake bite. 

Whatever lies in your bike’s way – pierced tyres won’t be let down by Joe’s No-Flat anti-puncture system!