New, smart features for MTB fans

As a novelty, the new bike computers provide values about specific downhill metrics. With the Edge 530 and 830, mountain bikers’ interests are considered as well, as new analysing features determine specific downhill metrics about jump height and distance as well as hang time. What’s more, a Grit and Flow value is calculated for the first time, providing information about the difficulty as well as the smoothness of trails ridden. Extended TrailForks data are integrated in the cycling map. Users are informed about the difficulty of a ride immediately and can put together their own tours easily based on popular routes from more than 80 countries. The Forksight mode displays upcoming forks in the trail and gives you context by showing where you are within a trail network.

Extended data about performance increase
Thanks to the extended performance analysis of the new Edge, it has now become even easier to keep track of your own fitness level and your performance development. With the new ClimbPro feature, you can now better gauge your effort, as it informs you about the remaining ascent, distance and grade. In combination with performance sensors, road cyclists get more performance data such as the VO2max, recovery time or the training effect. Moreover, they profit from new analyses, which give you information about your training load of the last four weeks based on aerobic and anaerobic training states. The bike computer also informs about the altitude and height acclimatisation of the body and reminds you of regular liquid and food intake.

Navigation details and Connected Features
Besides extended performance data, the Edge 530 and 830 offer the proven Garmin navigation features – now with twice as fast route calculation thanks to an optimised processor. The preloaded Europe cycling map leads the cyclist with visual and acoustical turn-by-turn signals and also warns of sharp bends. The Trendline Popularity Routing feature calculates the matching route for every rider, based on millions of user data. Via the touchscreen of the Edge 830, routes can be created easily directly on the device. The GPS bike computers also impress with their Connected Features. When used together with a smartphone, the user is notified about incoming calls and messages. Pre-formulated texts can be transmitted to other devices of the series. Thanks to the GroupTrack and LiveTrack features, the position of the rider can be followed in real time.

Added safety on the route
In case of a crash, the automatic incident detection notifies your emergency contacts and sends them your current location. Being compatible with the Varia Radar and Varia bicycle lighting adds even more safety to your ride. The new theft alert informs you when your parked bike is moved and sends an automatic alert to the smartphone.

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