Navigation with Falk – safely reach your destination

The German company Falk has sold maps for all parts of Germany since 1945 and for many years, Falk has also been offering mobile navigation devices that show car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians the way. A navigation device by Falk is especially a good choice on unknown routes or paths off the standard routes. Apart from main streets, there are also numerous cycle, field, forest and hiking paths stored on the device.

The manufacturer of bicycle navigation devices Falk has different portable navigation devices in its range. Falk high-tech navigation devices feature latest software and help you find travel routes and individual routes for your bicycle tour in a user-friendly way. Falk’s route planning feature comes with a navigation software with features and functions bikers need in the mountains, off the road and on all tours. Whether you ride on the road, on forest paths, serpentines or trails: The manufacturer of navigation devices Falk knows how to directly reach your destination with a touring or road bike. With mobile Falk navigation devices, you can safely start and finish a bicycle tour.

Falk cycling – your reliable and safe travel companion for all kinds of bicycle tours
Beside a current and reliable software, Falk portable navigation devices also come in a modern design. User friendliness, size and quality are further popular features of transportable Falk devices.

Electronic bicycle accessories by Falk – high-tech navigation devices with practical features
Falk offers cyclists a range of accessories that are especially developed for outdoor use. Replacement batteries, adapter plates, handlebar brackets, accessories, charging stations, handlebar/stem holders as well as Falk neoprene and nylon bags are also part of the product range. Falk electronic accessories are suitable for short as well as long distances. The features of the navigation deviced include electronic compasses, different map displays, track records, cycling maps with topographic data as well as routing and printer functions. For cyclists who love to travel, the navigation expert offers a product range that makes sure you will always know the right direction to reach your desired destination.