Nutritie pentru sportivi AMSPORT
Supliment alimentar gandit de atleti, pentru atleti

The sports nutrition brand AMSPORT was founded by Mark Warnecke, a three-time world champion in swimming. Actually, he developed the first product – an amino acid preparation – for himself only. Its products only became popular when he became the oldest swimming world champion ever after his individual diet and his comeback. After that, the demand for his sports nutrition products increased significantly and Mark Warnecke founded the brand AMSPORT. As a doctor, nutrition expert and former professional swimmer, Mark Warnecke uses his versatile experiences in sports nutrition for the development of AMSPORT products.

AMSPORT – food supplements for popular and professional sports
The continuously growing AMSPORT range is adapted to the different needs of athletes. The products have always been developed and produced by athletes for athletes. Today, they are used by a large number of teams and professional athletes. Whether hobby athletes or professional athletes like national teams, teams of the German football league, basketball and ice hockey teams, cyclists, swimmers, athletes, rowers or winter sports athletes – they all benefit from AMSPORT products.

The recovery stage is often underestimated in sports. Provide your body with high-grade protein for best recovery!

Did you know that endurance athletes have a higher protein demand than strength athletes? Endurance athletes need about 25% more protein than strength athletes. AMSPORT High Protein delivers a high-quality protein combination.

Are you looking for products that are made from athletes for athletes? AMSPORT develops them for you! AMSPORT does not use free fructose for their products, as there are many people who suffer from a fructose intolerance without knowing it. The gels can be consumed without extra liquid and contain added amino acids.