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Ladies road bikes - individual fast


Women, too, enjoy the thrill of speed and can’t get enough of it. And there are more and more of them: The number of women who ride road bikes is constantly increasing. For this, they need the right equipment: A bike that fi ts like a glove. For this reason we have measured thousands of women over decades and have considered female physical characteristics and proportions in the development of our ladies bikes. Women have narrower shoulders, are smaller on average and they don’t stress their bikes like men do. These physical characteristics are, for instance, compensated for by narrower handlebars, special women’s saddles and more compact frame geometries that provide a more upright riding position. The ROSE Lady Bikes program has five product lines, starting with the all-rounder PRO SL, followed by the comfortable racer PRO CGF and the XEON TEAM GF all the way to our performance runner XEON RS and the new disc brake model PRO SL DISC. Each product line and every model has been ergonomically optimised and adapted to specific needs and wishes of women in cycle racing, for maximum riding enjoyment and efficiency. All the components have been fine-tuned to fit a woman’s anatomic features and there are at least four frame sizes and various colour options available. For a complete bike where everything is 100% aligned – so you can get started right away!