Alpina Altona
Helmet and glasses in one!

Pull down the visor and get going! You can see the tarmac rushing past under your bike. You go with the flow of traffic. No stress, no worries. The new commuter helmet by Alpina offers best protection for your head.

Thanks to a variety of technologies, the ALTONA sets new standards in road safety, ventilation, comfort and integration. The high-quality material Koroyd provides maximum protection. The robust and extremely light honeycomb structure consists of a large number of small tubes that are thermally connected with one another. In the event of an impact, they flatten and absorb energy. Apart from offering protection, Koroyd allows for much larger openings in the helmet surface which guarantee excellent ventilation. Ventilation channels guide the air inside the helmet along your head. With the ALTONA, the ventilation management can also be actively regulated by a sliding upper shell. Whether in the cool morning or in hot rush hour traffic, the ventilation is always optimal.

Alpina Altona

  • JET VISION: The integrated and angle-adjustable visor with Varioflex technology perfectly adapts to changing light conditions
  • AIRSTREAM CONTROL: Active ventilation control thanks to adjustable upper shell
  • KOROYD: Koroyd technology for outstanding ventilation and maximum protection
  • RUN SYSTEM ERGO FLEX: The smooth-operating and snug-fitting Run System Ergo Flex guarantees maximum comfort
  • PLUG-IN LIGHT: Best visibility thanks to the integrated plug-in light. ALPINA has developed the best helmet for urban settings. The ALTONA offers everything you need for maximum safety on your way to work and city rides.

Koroyd - Breathable Protection

  • Koroyd is an extremely robust and lightweight honeycomb structure that consists of a multitude of small tubes. In the event of an impact, they absorb energy and flatten.
  • Koroyd allows for larger openings for outstanding ventilation.
  • The Koroyd tubes create a capillary effect that wicks moisture and heat off to the outside.